Students shall not carry, possess, use or store weapons (including firearms) in the residence halls or dining facilities. As a condition of living in CSU residence halls or using CSU dining facilities, all students agree not to possess or use any weapons in such areas, to voluntarily waive any legal rights related to the possession of weapons, and acknowledge they are prohibited. This waiver is voluntary, in exchange for living and dining in CSU facilities, and applies to all students, even if they have a lawful permit to carry a concealed firearm pursuant to C.R.S. 18-12-201 et. seq. This waiver also includes all rights that may be asserted under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution or Article II, Section 13 of the Colorado Constitution. Any possession or use of any weapon in CSU dining facilities may result in further action under applicable law or University disciplinary procedures. Weapons may be stored at the Colorado State University Police Department. Contact CSUPD at (970) 491-6425 for more information regarding weapon storage.

  • Students may not bring firearms or other weapons (hunting knives, archery, fencing, paintball guns, pellet guns, taser guns, air soft guns, martial arts equipment, slingshot, any item that is a reasonable facsimile, etc.) into the residence halls.
  • Firearms, weapons, or explosives of any nature (including fireworks and flammable liquids) are strictly prohibited in the residence halls.
  • Exotic weapons (such as swords, nunchucks, etc.) are also not permitted on University property and must be stored at the Colorado State University Police Department.


Explosives of any nature, including flammable liquids, fireworks, and ammunition, are not permitted in the residence halls. This includes lighter fluid and Zippo®-type lighters.