Cable TV Services

Each room is equipped with a cable TV hookup providing 100+ channel selections, some in Digital and HD. If you have a cable-ready TV there is no extra charge or equipment necessary for these basic services. For channel listings, further information, and a downloadable TV Channel Guide you can visit For problems with your cable service contact Telecommunications at (970) 491-1313.

Internet Connections

In order to use the high-speed Internet connection, residents must have a LEGAL copy of an operating system (OS) and meet basic security requirements. These requirements include up-to-date OS patches, antivirus definitions, and antispyware definitions. All Administrative level and user accounts on personal computer systems must be password protected. There are hard-wired data connections in each residence hall room; typically the jacks are either blue or orange on the Housing Network. Plug into any of these jacks to access the Housing Network. Connect your data cable to a network jack and your computer, open your browser and follow the on-screen instructions for downloading/installing the Network Access Control (NAC) Agent as well as installing or updating required software. Network Access Control will prompt you if further security updates are required. If needed, set up instructions can be found on the Technology Site. All network use must be in a legal, efficient and ethical manner. Wired or wireless, you must abide by Housing and University Network/Internet policies, which can be viewed at You are responsible for your computer system regardless of where it is used or by whom. For problems with your network connection or Network Access Control related issues, please call or leave a voice mail with the Technology Services Help Desk at (970) 491-4734, Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Wireless Internet

PERSONAL WIRELESS ROUTERS ARE NOT PERMITTED in the residence halls. Persons installing wireless access points/routers will have their network privileges revoked. Wireless access is available on the Housing Wireless Network throughout all residence halls. Connection methods vary based on the network you are attempting to connect to. Instructions for each method can be found at

Other Devices

Some hardware will not initially work on the Housing Network without registering it or speaking with a Technology Services representative. If you have other devices that will not work with the Network Access Control Agent – e.g. game systems, VoIP phones, TiVo – use the registration form at if it applies, or contact the Technology Services Help Desk at (970) 491-4734. Technology Services will work with you to try to get these types of systems online.

Technology Access - Special Needs

Do you have difficulty accessing a standard computer or electronic information due to a disability? The Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC) located in the Department of Occupational Therapy at Colorado State offers adaptive computing/assistive technology services to CSU students at NO CHARGE. Those who might benefit from ATRC services include students who: experience pain when computing, cannot see the computer screen, cannot access a standard keyboard or mouse, or have visual, language, or auditory processing difficulties. Please contact the ATRC for assistance at (970) 491-2016 or via