• A storage area for trunks, suitcases, and other small items is provided in each residence hall for current residents only. This space is for the storage of items which you will not need on a regular, on-going basis.
  • Space is limited and the University assumes no responsibility for lost/damaged articles left in storage.
  • Plan to only bring items that will fit in your car (including skis); large bulky items such as furniture, bicycles, and large appliances may NOT be stored. Gasoline, other flammable materials, and tires are also prohibited in storage areas.
  • All items stored must be properly boxed, tagged, and dated.
  • Maintenance personnel will remove improperly stored items.
  • Contact a Resident Assistant to put items into or remove them from storage.
  • Your hall staff will announce how and when to obtain access to the storage room.
  • Items may only be stored while you are living in the hall.

Abandonment of Personal Property

If a student abandons any personal property in the student room or storage areas following the termination of the Residence Hall Contract and the checking out by the resident, such property shall be disposed of according to University procedures.