Housing & Dining Services recognizes that some students may have medical, physical, and/or psychological needs that could be greatly impacted by their housing assignment, needs that may need some consideration in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Act. Students should contact the Office of Resources for Disabled Students at (970) 491-6385 to determine their need and availability of resources. For additional information, please visit the Office of Resources for Disabled Students website at www.rds.colostate.edu.

Reporting Disabilities

Residents with disabilities are welcome to share information with their Resident Directors (RDs) at the beginning of the semester. This information assists emergency personnel in providing appropriate help in case of evacuations and emergencies. Reporting is strictly voluntary.

Safety Assistance
Students with disabilities may also request a supplemental fire alarm horn or light strobe to assist them in complying with an emergency evacuation of the building such as a fire alarm. Also, if a student might require assistance evacuating a building, a computer entry into the alarm notification system of the building will be requested to alert fire and rescue personnel to the special needs status of a specific room. These accommodations are not a guarantee of safety during an evacuation, but rather an additional resource for students with disabilities.