Broad and Inclusive Definition of Diversity

We recognize that in order to be truly inclusive, we must draw attention to the depth and breadth of the diversity represented at Colorado State. Our definition includes age, culture, different ideas and perspectives, disability, ethnicity, first generation status, familial status, gender identity and expression, geographic background, marital status, national origin, race, religious and spiritual beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and veteran status. We also recognize that the historical exclusion and marginalization of specific social groups must be addressed to promote equity.

Colorado State University Inclusive Excellence

Principles of Community


We create and nurture inclusive environments and welcome, value and affirm all members of our community, including their various identities, skills, ideas, talents, and contributions.


We are accountable for our actions and will act ethically and honestly in all our interactions.


We honor the inherent dignity of all people within an environment where we are committed to freedom of expression, critical discourse, and the advancement of knowledge.


We are responsible, individually and collectively, to give of our time, talents, and resources to promote the well-being of each other and the development of our local, regional, and global communities.

Social Justice

We have the right to be treated and the responsibility to treat others with fairness and equity, the duty to challenge prejudice, and to uphold the laws, policies and procedures that promote justice in all respects.


Colorado State University Principles of Community



To create safe and inclusive learning communities that support, challenge, and inspire all students to be ethical leaders and citizens in a diverse society.


The Residence Life staff promotes an environment conducive to the creation of respectful and supportive learning communities. Such communities actively promote, pillarsteach, model, and reward an environment that respects social responsibility and healthy life choices free of addictive behaviors. Our staff serves and works with students, faculty, staff, and the local community to provide a healthy and safe environment necessary for learning.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Colorado State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. Assignment of rooms in University housing is made in accordance with this policy. To view the University's complete Non-Descrimination Policy visit the Office of Equal Opportunity's website.

Respect for the Rights of Others

Students living in the residence halls are expected to abide by standards of conduct, which are consistent with the educational objectives and priorities of CSU. Respect and consideration for the rights of others and their needs for study time and rest must receive priority over other needs. The residence hall staff helps to create an atmosphere conducive to study, enjoyment, and learning how to live responsibly with other individuals. Each student is expected to respond appropriately to requests from fellow students and staff concerning behavior that does not honor this priority. Should students choose to place themselves in a situation in which others are in violation of University or residence hall policies or procedures, they may also be held responsible for that violation to the same extent as those persons committing a violation (i.e., aiding, abetting, or inciting others).

Commitment to Diversity

The students and staff of the residence halls at CSU are a multicultural community of individuals. We are of diverse racial, ethnic, class backgrounds, and national origins. Our views encompass a broad spectrum of religious and political beliefs, and our sexual orientations may differ. We are unique in that we strive to work and live together, and in the process, we can learn from one another in an atmosphere of positive contact and mutual respect.

We are committed to behaving, and expecting others to behave, in ways that demonstrate our beliefs about the respectful treatment of each member of our community. We believe that we are individually and collectively responsible for our behavior and are fully accountable for our actions. We must take initiative and responsibility for our own learning and awareness of the differences that exist in our community and avoid all actions that diminish others.

Bigotry has no place within our community, nor does the denigration of other human beings on the basis of age, physical handicap, national origin, sexual orientation, race, gender, or religious affiliation. We do not tolerate verbal or written abuse, threats, intimidation, violence, or other forms of harassment against any member of our community. Likewise, we do not accept ignorance, anger, alcohol, or substance abuse as an excuse, reason, or rationale for such behavior. All of us who work and live in the residence hall community must be committed to these principles, which are an integral part of our purpose, values, and daily activities.

We expect students to respect the rights of others and to be effective citizens of the hall and CSU community.