Residence Hall Front Desks

Academic Village (Honors & Engineering): (970) 491-5807
Allison: (970) 491-5814
Aspen: (970) 491-6518
Braiden: (970) 491-5822
Corbett: (970) 491-5827
Durward: (970) 491-5963
Edwards: (970) 491-5854
Ingersoll: (970) 491-5878
Laurel Village: (970) 491-1565
Newsom: (970) 491-5872
Parmelee: (970) 491-5982
Summit: (970) 491-5804
Westfall: (970) 491-5954

Residence Life Staff

Laura Giles - Director
(970) 491-4719, Laura.Giles@ColoState.Edu

John Malsam - Assistant Director of Administration
(970) 491-4742, John.Malsam@ColoState.Edu

Teresa Metzger - Assistant Director of Academic Initiatives
(970) 491-4705, Teresa.Metzger@ColoState.Edu

Kyle Oldham - Associate Director for Diversity, Inclusion, and Assessment
(970) 491-4769, Kyle.Oldham@ColoState.Edu

Shirley Portillos - Assistant Director of Community Development
(970) 491-4704, Shirley.Portillos@ColoState.Edu

Chris McKenzie Willenbrock - Associate Director of Staff Training
(970) 491-4285, 

Helena Gardner - Assistant Director of Community Development
(970) 491-4970,

Mitchell Holston - Coordinator for Student Engagement and Leadership
(970) 491-4712,

Lauren Shulman - Coordinator for Selection, Training and Development
(970) 491-4780,

Housing & Dining Services Contacts


Jim Dolak - Executive Director, Housing & Dining Services
Mari Strombom - Associate Executive Director, Housing & Dining Services
Elizabeth Poore - Director, Residential Dining Services, Housing & Dining Services
Mari Strombom - Interim Director, Housing Operations Management, Housing & Dining Services

Hall Staff

Residence Director (RD) and Assistant Residence Director (ARD)

Each residence hall is under the supervision of a Residence Director (RD) and an Assistant Residence Director (ARD). These are individuals who are trained to assist and advise students as well as administer the operation of the residence hall and are either working on, or have a Master’s Degree in Student Affairs or similar field. Their responsibilities are many, including the enforcement of University rules and regulations. The RD and ARD work with the Resident Assistants (RA) to help you develop and maintain an environment that promotes academic, personal, cultural, and social growth in the residence hall. This staff works closely with other staff, such as the Community Desk Manager, the Environmental Services staff, maintenance personnel, and Dining Services workers. All help to make your residence hall a great place to live and learn.

Resident Assistant

The residence hall staff member you will have the most contact with is your Resident Assistant (RA). Each floor section has an RA who is a student employed by the University to work with the students living on a floor community. Resident Assistants are knowledgeable about campus resources and their services to students and will assist you with your questions and concerns. Your RA will work with all members of your floor to build a community. Utilizing diverse, social and educational programs and floor meetings, your RA will challenge members within your community to grow both personally and academically.

The RAs and residents are responsible for helping to create an atmosphere conducive to study and enjoyment. The RAs are there to help you learn how to live respectfully and responsibly with other individuals. When your behavior does not adhere to University rules and regulations, they are responsible for confronting you. They have the job of being a friend, mentor, and a role model who is willing to take time to be of service to you.

Your residence hall staff recognize that they cannot make the residence hall a good place to live without your help. When they need your cooperation, they will ask you for it and you will be expected to respond to their requests. Get to know your RA and the other staff who work in your residence hall. They are interested in you and want your residence hall experience to be positive. They are supportive of your personal growth and success in the University community. You are joining a community of learners and the Residence Life staff is here to assist you in this transition.

Inclusive Community Assistant

The Inclusive Community Assistant (ICA) is a live-in student staff member in Residence Life. The ICA facilitates the creation of a positive, inclusive residence hall environment which supports students’ transition and personal success.  In order for this environment to develop, ICAs make significant connections with residents, help residents know each other, and connect residents to the resources and opportunities of the larger CSU campus. 

Community Desk Manager

The Community Desk Manager (CDM) is a student manager position in the Department of Residence Life. The CDM assists in supporting the Residence Life Mission - “To create safe and inclusive learning communities that support, challenge, and inspire all students to be ethical leaders and citizens in a diverse society.” CDMs oversee the operation of the front desk in the residence halls and ensure high quality customer services to our students, families & guests; supervise the front desk staff; and are a part of the team creating an inclusive community within our residence halls.