• No pets are allowed in residence halls or adjacent grounds. One exception is that residents are permitted to have fish in their rooms.
  • Students are permitted to have aquariums providing the aquarium is stocked with (non-dangerous) fish only. Aquariums must be no larger than 25 gallons.
  • Snakes, turtles, salamanders, newts, frogs, and rodents are specifically prohibited. The definition of aquarium is based upon the contents, not the name of the container.
  • Residents having pets other that fish in their rooms may face disciplinary action and be charged for damages and/or cleaning.

Service & Emotional Support Animals

Colorado State University recognizes that some types of disabilities may require animal assistance as an accommodation. There are two categories of animals that may be allowed on campus to provide assistant to students with disabilities - service animals and emotional support animals. Students with a disability that necessitates the assistance of an animal may work with the Office of Resources for Disable Students for management of the accommodation.

  • Students are responsible for behavior of the animals in regard to other standard policies of the residence halls and city codes. This includes but is not limited to maintaining proper control of the animal, clean-up of University grounds, and liability for any damages caused by the animal.
  • Students may be required to complete a supplemental agreement with the Residence Director and in consultation with the Assistant Director for Administration and the Resources for Disabled Students (RDS) office.
  • For the full guidelines on service and emotional support animals, please see the RDS website:

Animals in training must be with their trainer at all times and are not allowed to reside in the facilities. The training of service animals is limited to public areas in the halls.