loftStudents are responsible for the University furnishings provided in their rooms. All furniture provided must remain in the room. Furnishings designed for use in public areas are not to be moved into students' rooms.

Furniture Restrictions

Due to weight restrictions and possible damage from puncture, water-filled furniture (i.e. water beds) is not permitted. Portable air conditioners and evaporative coolers are not allowed in any hall due to electrical restrictions. It is recommended that you not bring or rent additional furniture, however, nearly all other forms of movable furniture are permitted within the guidelines presented throughout this website.

Bed Lofts

The beds in your room can be configured as lofts if desired. Lofts must be at least 36 inches from the ceiling. Your bed may be lofted or un-lofted only by Housing & Dining Services typically at the beginning of each semester. Repeated requests may result in a charge of $25 for each service call to loft or unloft your bed. To submit an online work order request to loft or un-loft your bed, please visit For more information on the Lofting Program, please visit