If appropriate and practical, the University will not enter a student's room unless accompanied by the student, their authorized representative, or a second authorized University representative. However, the University reserves the right to enter student rooms for the purpose of inspecting the premises for adherence to fire- and life-safety guidelines, housekeeping, maintenance, necessary repair, or when an authorized agent has reasonable suspicion of a violation of contract that includes: a) an occupant of the room may be physically harmed or endangered; b) damage is being done to University property; or c) University policy is not being adhered to as stated in the University's General Catalog and the Residence Hall Handbook.

University Police may enter a student room under the following conditions:

  • With a warrant for the arrest of a resident of the room, or with a search warrant for the room itself.
  • With the consent or invitation of the resident(s) of the room.
  • To accompany residence hall staff to protect their safety and that of the residents.
  • To continue an arrest which began outside the room.
  • When there is any reasonable ground to believe that the resident is in danger of bodily injury or is endangering someone else within the room.