Housing & Dining Services recognizes that students may desire to personalize their rooms. We encourage and support room personalization efforts. However, we ask that all residents observe Safety and Security Standards for the safety of themselves and of other residents and guests. Please keep in mind that you should leave your room in the same condition it was in when you checked in at the beginning of the semester.

Please read this website before you begin any extensive personalization of your room, and be sure you are in compliance with the Safety and Security Standards outlined in this handbook. Your Resident Assistant may be a helpful resource as you plan your room personalization efforts. Also, it is suggested that you talk with your roommate and discuss what the two of you would like to accomplish before you begin. Please note that each student's room will be formally inspected at least twice per semester to determine if it complies with the guidelines in this handbook. Each student's help and cooperation in maintaining a safe living environment will be expected. Inspections of student rooms may also occur over breaks and/or during occupancy.


Students may NOT paint their own residence hall rooms. Any alterations or changes to a resident's room must be completed by University personnel only.


Draperies are provided by the University. They meet fire code and should not be removed or replaced except by University staff.

Room Carpeting

All residence halls have carpet in the rooms for your comfort. Please DO NOT put your own carpet on top of the room carpet. This causes excessive wear and reduces the life of the permanent carpet. However, small throw rugs are permitted.

Walls, Doors, and Decorations

Room decorations should not be hung or use any materials that may cause damage to the walls. Paint, duct tape, foam tape, or other strong adhesives should never be used. Students are responsible for cost of repairs for any damage.

Students should not attach items to the walls, including but not limited to using nails, drills, screws or other hanging devices. Items that do not attach can also cause damage, such as hanging racks that fit over the top of doors.

Blue painters tape is recommended to hang posters and pictures.

Nothing should ever be hung from, drilled into, or rested against the ceiling, light fixture(s), sprinkler heads, smoke detector, or other safety devices. Furthermore, do not tamper with light fixtures or attempt to change the bulb(s) or add a colored cover. These areas and devices should always remain clear.

Please do not rely on any product claims not to cause damage or leave permanent marks. This includes but is not limited to chalk and dry erase markers. Use of these items on room walls, doors, and other surfaces have been proven to leave permanent marks.

Students are not permitted to repair any damage themselves.

Decorative display and/or collection of empty alcoholic beverage containers is prohibited in residence hall rooms.

Protection of Heat Circulation Systems

The efficient circulation of heat from the hot-water radiation panel in your room requires that unrestricted air flow be permitted from the bottom of the radiator panel as well as the upper vent area. Room arrangements and additional furnishings must allow for this air circulation. Restriction of this air flow can result in frozen pipes and extensive water damages. NEVER close any valves or shut-off devices on the pipelines that control heat circulation to other areas of the floor. Use the vent "flapper" control on the radiator cover panel to control the amount of heat desired in your room.  If you are concerned about the heat in your room, please submit a work order to request University maintenance staff investigate the situation or speak with hall staff for assistance.