Keys and Prox Card/Keys

Students are responsible for the keys and/or keyless entry device (called a prox card/key) issued to them by the University.

  • Students living in the residence halls receive up to three keys: a room key, mailbox key, and a building exterior/security prox card/key.
  • Students are not permitted to give their University keys (prox card/key, room key [if applicable], mailbox key) to any individual except for a University representative acting in the scope of their responsibility.
  • Students may not possess or use any unauthorized duplicate University key/prox card/key to a room, mailbox, and/or building entrance.
  • If keys/prox keys/cards are misplaced, it is possible, with proper identification, to check out a pass key from the hall office while attempting to retrieve the missing key(s). If the pass key is not checked back into the office within 30 minutes of check out, a lock change may be ordered, and appropriate charges applied to the student's account.
  • When returning the pass key, students will be asked to produce their assigned key(s) to demonstrate that they have been located and are in their possession. If the student cannot produce their assigned key(s), a lock change may be ordered and appropriate charges applied to the student's account.
  • While a pass key(s) is available at the office of each residence hall, students are still required to keep their room keys with them at all times. Students are not permitted to abuse the pass key system. Excessive use of pass keys is considered a security concern and will result in educational and/or disciplinary action(s).
  • Students are permitted up to five free pass keys each semester. Once a student has used their five free pass keys, educational and/or disciplinary action(s) may be applied including but not limited to fines, community service, and/or referral through Conflict Resolution & Student Conduct Services.
  • Keys may be checked out at the main desk for other areas by leaving a picture ID. Some of the areas include study rooms, TV room, student kitchen, and/or music rooms. (Check with your hall's front desk, Resident Assistant, or A/RD to find out what resources are available in your hall.)
  • Students are responsible for any damages that take place in any hall area while they have the key checked out or are otherwise making use of the space. Students must report any pre-existing room damage to hall staff to avoid being charged for the damages. Additionally, the student will be responsible for the cost of replacement and/or lock change if a key is not returned.
  • Students must return all keys/prox keys/cards at the end of their residence and/or contract. Students will be charged for any key(s) not returned at the time of check out.

Building Access

  • Do not prop or otherwise obstruct the normal operation of any security door in the residence halls. This includes exterior doors and doors on your residence hall floor or throughout your hall.  See guest policy for additional information.
  • Students are also prohibited from accessing the residence halls prior to the official published date for Hall Opening, after the date for Hall Closing, or during break periods (Fall, Winter, and Spring) without specific authorization.
  • See guest policy for additional information.

Building Safety

  • Under no circumstances are students to sit on windowsills, climb out of windows, or be on exterior window ledges. Students also are not permitted to climb on residence hall buildings, ledges, or roofs.
  • Students are prohibited from throwing any object out of room windows, or the window of any public area or lounge in the building.
  • Students are prohibited from removing window screens, whether in a residence hall room or public area. Removal of the window screen is a safety violation and a charge will be assessed for its replacement. Disciplinary action may be taken. Report any lost, damaged, or stolen screens immediately to your hall's community desk, Resident Assistant, Residence Director, or Assistant Residence Director.
  • When removing your personal room trash and recycling, please use the receptacles located outside of your residence hall. Please do not place personal trash or recycling in stairwells, bathrooms, or public trash cans within your hall.

University Safety Equipment

Tampering with University safety equipment in the residence halls is not tolerated. Students caught altering their room or hall safety equipment may be held financially responsible for replacement and/or disciplinary action will be taken.

Hall Security

Security procedures such as desk services, security patrols, evening lock up, and restricted-access plans are regularly reviewed and open to changes and improvements. Students are expected to observe lock-up procedures and cooperate with programs designed to maintain the security of residents. Propping of entrance doors is prohibited. The Colorado State University Police Department (491-6425 or 911) is on duty 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Pranks & Practical Jokes

Please refer to Property Damage & Theft.

Sports & Activities in Hallways

Please refer to Noise & Disruption.